Welcome To Handmade Coils

Our Process
Flavorandclouds.com is always going to be a work in progress. This industry is always changing, therefore we will too. A lot of "Instagram" quality coils either cost a lot more to produce and people don't want to pay it, or they just look "cool" and don't produce the type of vape people are striving for. Each one of the listings you will find here at flavorandclouds.com have been put through rigorous testing by actual people that have quit smoking by means of vaping. We believe that if the smoker doesn't find that same amount of "awful pleasure" that one gets from a cigarette...they'll continue to smoke. Our goal is to fulfill that void that comes with quitting. Not only do our coils look fantastic enough to show off to everyone you meet, but they also produce something that is pleasurable enough to have a fighting chance of staying off combustible tobacco. The best part for the buyer of our product, is that we've found a way to make our coils in a timely enough manner that we can charge what you would normally pay for plain old coils.
All coils are cleaned and fully inspected by me personally before they are packed for shipping. If the end product does not live up to my high standards, then they will not be shipped out to you, the customer.  You can rest easy with your new coils you've recently purchased. Just do us one favor...Enjoy and stay smoke free.