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Corrugated Framed Staple Alien Coil Set

Handmade Coils

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One Pair Corrugated Framed Staple Alien Coils

I strive to make the most intricate coils at the best prices. The Corrugated Framed Staple Alien Coil has the largest surface area when compared to the rest of our all-day-vape lineup. I wanted to give the consumer something spectacular when it comes to vaping a mass produced, yet handmade coil. Our Corrugated Framed Staple Alien Coils produce a rich flavor and such dense clouds that it will have you wondering what took you so long to try them. Handmade Coils will always hold ourselves to a quality, craftsmanship, and material standard that is far above the rest! Corrugated Framed Staple Alien Coils ramp up fast on a mech mod and can handle a ton of wattage if one chooses to do so!!!

Thousands of feet of wire, hundreds of resistance tests, and countless amounts of hours have been put into each build before it's released to the public.  The given resistance will vary depending on how close to the atomizer's post you mount your coils, but rest assured that your new set of Corrugated Framed Staple Alien Coils will be flawless with spot on resistance. We do not send out faulty wires!

Corrugated Staple Helix Coil Content

  • 5 strands of Kidney Puncher .4mm N80 ribbon wire with the center corrugated
  • 2 strands of Kidney Puncher 27g KA1 for the frames
  • 36g Kidney Puncher N80 spaced alien clapton wrap
  • 3/4 inch leads for easy installation
  • 3mm inner diameter / 5 wraps
  • .13 ohms for dual coil setup

If you would like to know how to make this coil yourself, or basic installation tips, feel free to click on the video below. Watch one of the well known coil builders show how us pros make it happen!



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